Thursday, June 17, 2010

Preliminary non-planning for an improvised road trip.

1.  Festivals. Find what festivals may be in the area where you might be. 

Too many countries put up separate websites for each event, with no easy, mechanical-information collection for fast referrals. 

Denmark, congratulations for your fast-click by the month at Visit Denmark at ://  Norway and Sweden, as far as we can see, have no such one-click for the month.  So we may spend more time in Denmark.

In addition, Denmark takes advantage of the end-of-season gang, like us.  We avoid mid-summer, pretty-spring.  Other countries are left with a few stray musicians by the end of August.  Denmark has reenacted Viking sea fights, medieval reenactments, food, etc. 

2.  Ferries.  We never know when we will need one, so plan to be at a port with several all going to places we can enjoy.  Denmark offers that: Hirtshalls has ferries from Goteborg, Sweden; or Oslo, Norway; or Bergen, etc.  Any would be fine.