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Origin of the Danes - Danmark, Dan, Etymologies, Clues and Specs

Lost Tribe of Dan

A Melange of Legends, Name Roots, Symbols.
What happens with the Dan as Eagle is bitten by Dan the Serpent?

A favorite image with reference to the Tribe of Dan is this unhappy eagle being bitten by the snake held in its claws, from the Bremen, Germany Town Hall.  Bremen is not far from Denmark's borders, at Jutland. There are probably other symbols and legends at work here as well. Interesting things are ambiguous.

1.  Who and Where is Dan? The Search

Researching origins of population groups relies to a degree on tracing names, of people and places.  Whether or not anyone agrees with the tracking and speculation involved, it is a way to learn history. Start with Denmark, its King Dan, and see where the hunt leads.  What is the name, where was it from, can we draw any conclusions or not. See; and claims and denials, all requiring vetting. Names change in spelling: the Fridulfson in Swedish history-legend is probably the same as the Frode Frid Fridleif (or is it?) at the angelfire site. See Swedish origins, possibly

Start with a probably universal story to orient the beginnings of the Tribe of Dan: that there was once a great Flood, a near-global tsunami, or other earth-axis tilt event.

Some humans and some animals survived.
For the Western World, with the Flood localizing survivors in the Middle East according to the Biblical tradition, we ask where the missing Tribes of Israel went, those generations after the Flood.

Our interest is in that Tribe of Dan - Danmark - Dane - Danube, etc. Could it be so, that they migrated from Israel? Humans have migrated most everywhere, so the fact of migrating north would be consistent with the pattern of the spread.

Unfortunately, most sites about Dan present as evangelical-agenda (literalist Biblical) extreme garish attention-getters about damnation and idolatry rather than an academic look, with historic or archeological focus.

We start with the cultural focus in Palestine, Biblical tales, about the Hebrews descended from Noah, and a reasonable date for the Jewish Biblical flood at 2348 BC, his sons as Japheth, Shem and Ham.  Our initial bare-bones chronology reference:  Timechart History of the World, FN 1.

Looking at that chart, that makes all this so easy to follow (not so with words -- get the Timeline) start with Shem.
  • Our interest is in Noah's middle son Shem. Go down 8-10 generations, and find Abraham, sons Ishmael and Isaac, and Isaac's sons, Esau and Jacob.  
  • Jacob wins the inheritance, deviously (no wonder we are the same),and has 12 sons: in that number is Dan, the fifth son of the twelve. The sons became the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Let the wandering begin.
    • Most familiar of the Tribal heads who are the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel) is probably son Joseph, of Egypt fame, and the multicolored coat. 
    • Skip to Tribal head Judah, and his son Zarah - there are tales of him in the legends of the origins of the Scotti, via Hebrew-Eber-Iberia-Ibernia, speculate about Zahar's tribe's wanderings at  
    • Another son of Judah is Pharez, and go down the generations then to Jesse, David and Solomon and ultimately -- here's an oddity -- they list "Joseph", Victorian snerts as they are, when it is Mary who is the one descended, not old hubby Joseph at all.  Old charts tell us about the charters.
2.  Focus on Dan

Then move away from the Jacob-Judah line of Jesus, to another Tribal head, Jacob's son Dan, who appears to be lost, along with others of the lost tribes, but whose name is found along a discernible route through the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and ultimately to Scandinavia -- names along the way include the Danube, and King Dan, see at a place and time recalling Beowulf, Lejre, near Roskilde, Denmark.

Or Leire.  For our purposes, it is enough to point out where some people's speculations go, see Tribe of Dan, Present Day Identifications at Tribe of Dan.

3.  Cultures claiming Dan

a. Ireland.

The Tribe of Dan's standard is the eagle, see it in the Book of Kells, see  That connects Dan's mystery tribe with the Irish mythical Tuatha de Danaan, of Ireland, and the site moves on with a connection to the ancient Phoenicians.

The eagle even today.

Dig deeper into the eagle symbolism, and find the eagle - still today for groups - grasping in its talons arrows, or olive branches.

b. United States

Look at the official emblem of the US - such an eagle.  Go, Tribe of Dan.

So, Irish are Israelites; according to that line; and that indeed follows Zarah and his group through Spain and up to Ireland; but how about the eastern group, heading through the Caucasus, the Scythians, etc. And the US also picks up the eagle and the arrows or olives.

c. Northern Germany -

Visit Bremen to see the legend of Dan the eagle, being bitten by a snake, see

Now, as for neutral non-agenda ideological sites, skip this one because the conclusion that a priest of Dan took with him some of his own possessions.  Those possessions includied some gods of the people he had worked among, that he was therefore an "idolator" and cursed, etc, etc.

Nonsense. I was in Africa and brought back carvings of gods, too.  Does that make me an idolator?  Possibly, since I think Gaia deserves some press.
  • Read that site not for fabricated ideology , only for the bones of the story, not the person's agenda in scaring everybody to death with made up connections.  When any of us move, do w take along familiar things also, and that does not mean belief in same.  Big deal.  
 See, if you must,  Tracts like that do prove how dangerous made-up dogma is -- some people will latch on.  Poor priest.  Just wanted something from home.

d. Sweden.

The Swedes also reflect Dan in word and place. Odan, Odin, see

Elsewhere, if you enjoy the paranormal (check it out) see the Danns and serpents and serpents' tails and red hair, and

4.  Refer to the possibly concrete.  Place names.

I prefer the concrete, so offer this compendium of names. This is an old site, Mapping Israel's Migrations, at

Danube or Donau
De Danaans (Hibernia, Eber, Hebrew)
Iberian Peninsula (look up Zahar and Zaragoza, Spain)
River Danapris
Dananris now Dnieper
River Don
River Donets

5.  Sing a Song of the Tribe of Dan

Oh, Dan, Jake's Boy,
The fifth son's Tribe left wandering.
Have you left traces, names, symbols: The Judge.
The years have gone, and shadows leave us wondering
Did you go north, northwest, or none of the above.

The Irish Tenors sing your song.


FN 1

Timechart History of the World, Third Millenium Press, Chippenham, England, Stream of Time portion in the British Museum panels 2-14.  See Google, Timechart History of the World

What is that?  A backbone reference. It is listed as juvenile nonfiction, but do not believe it.  Any adult needs a boost on history and chronology. This is from an 1890 effort, here as hardboard folding timeline, heavy posterboard with hardcovers, published as a wall chart and portions originally in the British Museum.  That has been updated and extended so it folds out to Year 2003.  As a Victorian work, the main focus is on Biblical chronology across the top and with the world's main cultures like ribbons laterally below, to show what others were doing at a given time.

Cenozoic Era, 2.5 million years ago, start. Some 6000 years of focus.  End, with the updates, at 2003. This is a phenomenal piece of work, 12 1/2"W  X  18"H  X  1/2" deep. Unfolded, 15 foldings = 15.62 feet long or 5.21 yds. Both sides are printed, so double it for 30 feet of history, and 400 illustrations. Spread that out on the dining room table and add card tables to get 2.6 yards before you have to flip. Or, just fold and unfold, like a great book.*

* Dear Bill Gates,

With your interest in transmission of information, please see that one of these is placed in every home in the world in the language of each family. Literacy classes to precede and follow. With this as a reference, all data can be vetted as desired, with the joy in finding errors, and put into a basic chronology.  Each adult and child, My culture was doing this in 2000 BC. What was yours up to? Imagine the conversations worldwide. It also creates jobs, promotes education and intercultural understanding.

Thank you.

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