Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horsens - Medieval Jousts. Some ponytails.

Medieval competition reenactments: these are common in other places in Europe, and the United States; but there is special fun in seeing Viking country get all jousted up.

Did Vikings really do that? Somehow the concepts of chivalry, and the gradations from page to squire to knight and all that are too orderly for these folk. Instead, were they in their longboats, and with battleaxes, fighting back at the encroaching and violent Christians and their forced religion, including Charlemagne beating at the Saxon doors not far south. See Western Ethnic Violence Timeline/

Not sure. So enjoy the joust.

And a lady jouster with pony tail. 

Women in armor.  Not unusual then.  See Switzerland Road Ways, Thun Castle; and also at Chillon,  Switzerland.  And Italian accounts of female Military Orders .  We looked that up once, will find.  Try Spain Road Ways, or perhaps Italy Road Ways of ours.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Horsens - European Medieval Festival - Prep Day

Medieval Action Town Once a Year

The town of Horsens hosts a European Medieval Festival annually, known for its crowds of enthusiastic would-be's and their retainers.  Come to Jutland. At Middelalder.

See it at ://  The advantage to this festival is that it comes at the end of the summer, a time to suit the nonconformist visitor. Midsummer has enough. This event relies largely on the benevolences begun by philanthropists like Christian Daniel Danjelsen.

Christian Daniel Danjelsen, 1842-1921. He was a Barrister who, with his wife, set up a large charitable trust for the "embellishment' of the town of Horsens.  See Christian Daniel Danjelsen, benefactor, ebook. Here is Mr. Danjelsen, the one on the left. Admire the mustache. The gentleman on the right is another Daniel, pleased at the name. 

We tried to schedule our time to be there on The Day, but arrived early when all was being set up. The festival is in the city, on a large open space, but parking still is difficult.  And pricey.  Early arrivals:  strolling, chances to talk.

Horsens Medieval Fair, Horsens, DK.  Picnic grounds, fast food or BYO.

There was 20 minutes to go before the official jousting rehearsal in the arena -- saunter around.

Scandinavia has a sense of design in places we usually ignore. How very tasteful is the wicker.

So:  The Grounds are Ready.  Now:  to the Games. For a preview, see

Monday, November 1, 2010

Silkeborg: Ask for a Conference Center. Surprise.

Arriving late to most places, as we do, is risky. And with dark, comes fatigue. There be boars out there. So, take what you can get.

Here, we lucked out.  Note the ingenious parking arrangement. Up-end granite bricks, leave spaces in between let the grass grow green.  Virtually invisible from a distance, easy upkeep. No mud. 

Our cottage, conference center for the night, Silkeborg DK

Whimsy in Scandinavia. Watch for the statues, Silkeborg, DK

And the one-tap necessary.  Here is an economical arrangement:  one set of taps, at the sink.  Just flip the toggle over there and the shower starts over here. And no rims, just a measly curtain, no partition,  just everything tilting down to the center drain.

That's just a hand-hold over there, where the shower hose is, so you don't slip and fall on your necessary.