Monday, November 1, 2010

Silkeborg: Ask for a Conference Center. Surprise.

Arriving late to most places, as we do, is risky. And with dark, comes fatigue. There be boars out there. So, take what you can get.

Here, we lucked out.  Note the ingenious parking arrangement. Up-end granite bricks, leave spaces in between let the grass grow green.  Virtually invisible from a distance, easy upkeep. No mud. 

Our cottage, conference center for the night, Silkeborg DK

Whimsy in Scandinavia. Watch for the statues, Silkeborg, DK

And the one-tap necessary.  Here is an economical arrangement:  one set of taps, at the sink.  Just flip the toggle over there and the shower starts over here. And no rims, just a measly curtain, no partition,  just everything tilting down to the center drain.

That's just a hand-hold over there, where the shower hose is, so you don't slip and fall on your necessary.

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