Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silkeborg. Best Oriental in Denmark: Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant, Silkeborg

News flash:  December 2010.  Holiday ad with coupon for a Mongolian Barbecue Grill and Buffet restaurant in Bristol, CT. Looks like a similar setup --  Excellent! Now to get there....

Danish Mongolian Barbecue

First, the best. The chef behind the glass, who takes your piled-up plate of raw ingredients and all the sauces you want, and sizzles them up over high heat, tosses and flips, and puts it all back on your plate just for you, as you stand there.

One of Denmark's finest meals.  Move over, all ye tired and trite food places.  This idea is a winner.  Unassuming from the outside, but this said "Mongolian" --  in Denmark?  We had to try it.  Inside was traditional oriental.

Outside:  plain.

Be seated, and enjoy the house soup brought right away, to settle you in.

Then, go to the cold raw ingredients bar, including half frozen beef and other meat and fish strips; pile up your plate; choose noodles, rice, as you like, veggies, things unknown....

Then peruse the sauces bar at the end, and put on your own spices, any proportion you like --- you can come back for as much more as you like ....

Now, scroll up again to see the chef, complete with toque, in action.

Would somebody please bring that idea back over here.  Chinese food our way?  Nothing compared to this.  All you can eat.

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