Monday, October 11, 2010

Something Whimsy in the State of Denmark

How Many Surprises Dance On The Way
1. Ladies First.

This argues for the theological position that, In the Beginning, folks were largely both-and. In the beginning there were the six-packs....  see KNGDV.

Or does it?

Roles evolve.

2. The necessaries:

3. Road hazards.

Behold the dedicated bikeway.

They stop not. Neither do they beep.

4.  Viking Wolf

Here reproductions or imagined, at Slagelse, Viking reconstructed/real settlement (any original would surely be inside, in the museum)

The tale of Fenrir is fierce, with bonds that looked so very weak, but were of a magic kind to restrain him, and only trickery would get him leashed; but he thought ahead. He would submit to these gossamer threads only if Tyr a god of battle, would put his hand in Fenrir's mouth while he did it. 

 In went the hand of Tyr, and it never came out, that way. Fenrir could not loose himself, and so Fenrir chomped down.  Tyr has one hand, but Fenrir is tight-tied. See Bulfinch's Mythology; and  see ://

But Odin also had two wolves, Freki and Geri. Freki is of the milder sort; Odin just fed his wolves all the meat that Odin was given, because Odin required no food.  Mead was all he required.

Which is this. Who has the last laugh.

The tourists do. 

5.  Tourists

They also feel better now.

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