Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alken Enge, near Roskilde. Bog soldiers.

Archeology in Denmark, update:  Year 1AD, give or take.  Alken Enge, west of Roskilde.

An archeological expedition begun just after we were in Denmark found human bones in a bog there.  Bones in a bog are not unusual: see Silkeborg DK here, and other sites. 

This one, however, unearthed unbogged 250 persons, not individually dispatched, but apparently dead in a military catastrophe.  Which one? 

Roman army incursion.  Rome's army had reached a nearby point some 185 miles south of Alken Enge, with the indigenous people responding and fighting back against the expansion.  There are signs of wounds that resemble battle wounds.  The burial could have been en masse, ritual unknown.

There are about 100 acres that seem to hold further burial sites.  See magazine Archeology, Nov-Dec 2012 at p.14, article by Jarrett A. Lobell, "The Bog Army."  See website at, but online access to the public is not available.  Or am I just missing it? 

Year 1.  This archeological site, if it is related to the Roman Empire activity to the south, puts the army farther north from earlier boundaries.  See the Roman Empire in Year 1 at this site: Even by Year 100 AD, the Roman Army does not appear to have secured territory this far north. Still checking. See