Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horsens - Medieval Jousts. Some ponytails.

Medieval competition reenactments: these are common in other places in Europe, and the United States; but there is special fun in seeing Viking country get all jousted up.

Did Vikings really do that? Somehow the concepts of chivalry, and the gradations from page to squire to knight and all that are too orderly for these folk. Instead, were they in their longboats, and with battleaxes, fighting back at the encroaching and violent Christians and their forced religion, including Charlemagne beating at the Saxon doors not far south. See Western Ethnic Violence Timeline/

Not sure. So enjoy the joust.

And a lady jouster with pony tail. 

Women in armor.  Not unusual then.  See Switzerland Road Ways, Thun Castle; and also at Chillon,  Switzerland.  And Italian accounts of female Military Orders .  We looked that up once, will find.  Try Spain Road Ways, or perhaps Italy Road Ways of ours.

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