Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Roskilde - Brick Gothic. Incidentals Inside and Out

Roskilde Cathedral

Small doors, locked with grates over the window openings, lead somewhere beneath. Crypts for saints? Did some religious live there? We recall seeing a reference to a saint's burial place, and think this may be one of them.

The brickwork has a warm, inviting feel.  Compare the cold awe of the French gothic gray stone.

Rear side view, Roskilde Cathedral, DK

Denmark appears to be a nation without slums.  It also is a nation of excellent food.

1.  Scharfe's Bakery

Roskilde DK: A regular town, not a museum. Scharfe's Bakery.

Denmark:  Graffiti patrols.  For all the graffiti we see, there is usually someone right there cleaning it up.  Seldom does it accumulate, layer on layer. Here is the cloister wall, behind the Cathedral, in a Dominican monastery or convent area.

Roskilde: coping with graffiti, DK

For a fine overview of Denmark, its history and impact; and a photo gallery of sampled spots, visit ://

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