Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roskilde - Carved Stories. Pictorial Scripture.

A medieval illiterate could learn the basic stories of the new Christian religion just by peering closely at the scenes surrounding the choir area:  Great Personages might run the place and generate forceful dogma and fear if someone's beliefs did not conform; but ordinary craftsmen with extraordinary skills added expression, persuasion, dimension beyond dogma. See the colors, the angles of the heads, often quizzical looks, fingers pointing to the lesson to be learned:

Stroll here:

Or is this mere general rejoicing? Have to ask the preacher.

No removal of mere rib here, and shaping after. Instead, the human looks both-and, androgynous or perhaps whatever, with Eve just being separated out, a full being to begin with.

But the victim looks like a woman. Is Adam beating Eve, for which he is banished? See all there is to think about during the sermon.

Who says scriptural interpretation is infallible. For centuries a mistranslation led people to believe that Moses got horns on Sinai. Instead, he came down with rays of light. So much for believing just because you are told. Vet. Pictorial Scripture.  Highlights even where people were wrong.

See another set of story-panels when we get to the Sonderborg Castle Chapel. The theology of an Adam when divided out of the human into the man, and Eve as divided out into the woman, look alike in ways we think should be different.  Have we changed the story, and our own selection process apart from Originalismisticmystic?

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