Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Helsingor, Hamlet's Grave in the Grove - Tradition, Marienlyst Slot Manor House

Hamlet Grove
Traditional Site, Grave

This is not easy to find.  Park, walk, go back, park again, walk. Up steps, look around, finally find it.  Lovely spot.  A real Hamlet appears in a story by Saxo the Historian about 400 years before the Elizabethan version of William Shakespeare.  A fast overview is at enotes, at ://www.enotes.com/hamlet/historical-background.  Another version appeared in French about 15 years before Shakespear's; then another source comes up, the "Ur-Hamlet", an earlier play performed in England -- see a huge tale of the sources at ://www.pathguy.com/hamlet.htm#historicalhamlet

This is not likely a real grave, but it provides the required reverie site in a romantic garden, and the manor house of the castle is not far. See ://www.lonelyplanet.com/denmark/zealand/helsingor-elsinore/sights/castle/hamlet-s-grave

Now:  what is the creature:  We think a Griffin, see below, but the odd part  of this site is the fact of two different creatures, front and back.

The back of the market does not match the front.  There is no grappling with a snake on the back side.  And the back side creature has front hoofs, like a Pegasus, and there is a small mane, if any.  Now compare the back to the front, different angle slightly. Still can't tell what the animal is. Winged lion for Lion of Denmark, but it looks like a Dragon's tail, clearly male, prominent mane, but paws (it looks like) so is not a horse, and grappling with a snake.

We think Griffin. Not perfect fit, but close. Head and wings, but the head here does not look like an eagle. That is a problem.

Body of lion or tiger, check, and tail of scorpion  The front feet could well be talons.  See ://electricka.com/etaf/muses/mythology/comparative_mythology/fantastic_creatures_of_the_world/fantastic_creatures/fantastic_creatures_table/creature_list.asp?pagesize=50


sheng said...

Manor Stone is a traditional grave before, you can see it, it is very nice!

Anonymous said...

It is a lion on one side - the male, and a unicorn on the other side - the female = Hamlet and Ofelia! :)Best regardsGitte from Elsinore :)