Friday, July 1, 2011

Copenhagen: NATO Troops Return from Afghanistan September 2010

Copenhagen Celebration Parade
Some Danish NATO Troops Return from Afghanistan

Matching troop withdrawal plans between the United States and Denmark. Denmark is withdrawing according to the same schedule, the Denmark Helmand Plan.  See  It is now June 2011. Denmark began the withdrawal nearly a year ago.  President Obama addressed the nation last night with the accelerated withdrawal he has ordered, see one of the uncountable responses at  Obama - well done. France appears to be following suit.

Denmark brought some of her troops home from Afghanistan nearly a year ago. There were celebrations in Copenhagen, also known for Hans Christian Anderson and the Steadfast Tin Soldier. Find the Steadfast Tin Soldier's story at

See the contemporary soldier, having done his duty and his best as well. Who wouldn't cry for the relief of it: men and women back, marching safe, if not all physically sound.

Copenhagen Military Commemoration Parade
Rosenborg Castle to Round Tower

And those who waited for them.

It started here, at the drill grounds of Rosenborg Castle.

Ceremonies included medals, awards, and marching and bands, then it continued the march to past the Round Tower and Observatory also in Copenhagen.  The parade watchers were also participants -- dash-weave ahead, to get a good view back from the Round Tower area.   Both the castle and tower were built by King Christian IV in the early to mid 17th Century.

Stark dark and light on the parade route.

Continue on in the parade.  Follow the soldiers to more ceremonies and an unveiling of what I recall as a new flag.

Home at last. Home at last. Thank you, thank you. Home at last. Next time, ours.

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