Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Copenhagen - Nyhavn, New Port


Waterfronts traditionally supplied pleasures to sailors interested in lubbing.  Nyhaven did so as well, for centuries.  Now it is tourist heaven, with cafes, manicured building fronts where boarding houses once sagged.  It began as a royal project in 1671, with Christian V building a harbor "New Port" "New Harbor, "or Nyhavn, that extended right into the city, but in later years it lost its glow.  Now it has it back. See http://spisinyhavn.dk/uk/

It is properly known as a canal, rather than a harbor, because of the anticipation of commerce up and down.

The street-harbor came into its own in 1671 when Christian V built it to bring goods and services right into the heart of Copenhagen.  Both Soren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen frequented it frequently.  That is King's Square and the Royal Theater at the end, see http://www.apartmentincopenhagen.com/attractions/nyhavn.html  Hans Christian Andersen had lodgings there, at numbers 67 and then 18.  See http://www.copenhagenet.dk/CPH-Nyhavn.htm

The opera at the Royal Theater there at the end is a draw.  Sail on.  See http://emj-travels.com/?p=792

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