Saturday, July 2, 2011

Copenhagen - Amalienborg Slot, Amelienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace

How to keep the castles straight.

As a start, our understanding is that a castle was built with defenses in mind, as well as a residence.  A palace was built as a residence.  We focus on Rosenborg, Christiansborg (by reference) and Amalienborg in Copenhagen.


This is the winter residence of the Danish Royal Family. Amalienborg has been a royal residence since 1794, when the family had to move from Christiansborg Castle because of fire. The land had been bought by Christian IV in the 1600's, with a royal residence at some point in mind. See

Christiansborg is now the location of Parliament, with layers of ruins below, of castles with varying scary histories, see Much construction and excavating going on at this very old site.

History of the heart shape.  The heart in medieval times symbolized courage, among other meanings in different eras including fertility.  A Viking design that is similar represented the god Odin's power to induce battle-madness in warriors; and later was watered down to sentiment,  see

King Frederik V, 1771 completed (after 12 years of work) Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen DK

See the whole complex of four castles around the central parade ground at

The Marble Church is new - 1894 - and has the highest dome in Europe.  See

Prior to the royal family moving in to Amalienborg, Amalienborg had been used by other nobility.  Style is Rococo, says site, but it looks plainer than most Rococo. See

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